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    The purpose of graduate education at the University of Mississippi was first articulated by the Aims and Ends statement associated with the organization of the Graduate School in 1927. The statement is as follows: “The student who undertakes graduate study should understand at the outset that work of this character implies more than the acquisition of knowledge under competent instruction. He or she should aspire to a degree of knowledge of a given subject in order to make a contribution that is of original and independent value. This does not imply that much of the student’s energies are not still to be applied in the acquisition of facts universally accepted, a process that should continue through life, but in graduate study these facts are to be weighed, coordinated, and supplemented by the student’s own contributions.”

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    Congrats to our own Dean Kiss!

    Dr. Kiss Selected Head of Conference of Southern Graduate Schools

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    Graduate Assistants Health Insurance Program:UM requires graduate assistants to have health insurance or to participate in a University sponsored Aetna plan.  For more information, click here.

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    Effective October 1, 2013 – the Graduate School application fee is now $50.

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