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Student Health Insurance

Graduate Student Health Insurance

The Graduate School is pleased to offer subsidized health insurance to all graduate students holding an assistantship with appointments of 1/4 time or higher.

Graduate assistants with appointments of 1/4 time or higher are required to participate in a health insurance program.*  Enrollment and payroll deduction of premiums will be automatic upon appointment for each fall and spring term. Premiums will be subsidized by the university.

Program Highlights:

  • 80% of negotiated charges for hospital visit, physician office visit (after $20 copay) or emergency room visit (after $100 copay) for preferred AETNA Network care providers
  • 100% of prescription drug coverage; after $10 copay for each generic drug or $25 copay for brand name drugs
  • 80% of inpatient mental health expenses and 50% of outpatient mental health and substance abuse expenses for preferred care providers.

*Graduate assistants may request a waiver from participation in the above sponsored group plan if they already have comparable health insurance.

For a listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding student health insurance, click HERE.

Spouse and child/dependent policies are available; for information, click the link below.

For more information about coverage, exclusions, network providers, waivers and voluntary participation forms, visit Aetna Student Health and click University of Mississippi under “Find your school.”

To view the Insurance Plan document, click HERE.

Find a Local Provider  * Note: A referral from the Harrison Student Health Center is required when the center is open, except in true emergencies.

Premium and Subsidy Plan for Graduate Assistants

Annual Premium Fall Semester
8/15/2014 -1/14/2015
Spring Semester
1/15/2015- 8/14/2015
Graduate Assistant
1/2 time $513 $215.10* $297.90
1/4 time $1111.50 $466.05* $645.45
Unsubsidized Participant $1710 $717 $993
Spouse Only $3969 $1663 $2306
Child/Dependent $2272 $953 $1319

* Current premiums, subject to change.

A 1/2 time graduate assistantship (GA) is defined as an appointment for a full fall or spring term at the rate of at least $800 per month and with a nominal time commitment of 20 hours per week. Likewise, a 1/4 time graduate assistantship is defined at a rate of at least $400 per month and a nominal time commitment of 10 hours per week. Full-time enrollment in graduate courses is also required to be eligible for a GA. Check with the Graduate School for enrollment dates and procedures for voluntary spouse and child participation.

The same insurance policy is available to both graduate and undergraduate students who are not on an assistantship at the Unsubsidized Premium Rate. The Student Health Center has more information on how and where students who are not on an assistantship can enroll. Students who WILL be on a graduate assistantship SHOULD NOT enroll themselves. They will be automatically enrolled by the Graduate School.