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Graduate School
The University of Mississippi

The paper versions of the GS2 and the GS6 are being phased out.  Please enter the information for your advisory committee online.

  • Student Tab
  • Processes Involving Me
  • Services for Graduate Students
  • Graduate Advisory Committee
  • Select Anticipate Defense Term and click “Initiate.” Once the request has been initiated, the main screen will allow you to enter and edit all the required information for the form.
  • To enter the title of the thesis or dissertation, select “Add Title.” Enter the title of the thesis or dissertation and click “Submit.”
  • To add the members to the committee, select “Add Thesis/Dissertation Committee” and search by the faculty member’s name. Then click “Add” to add them to the committee. Repeat these two steps until all committee members have been added.
  • Once the committee members have been added, designate one member as the committee chair. You must do this before the form can be submitted. Click the box to indicate which member will serve as chair. Then click to “Submit.”
  • Next, you can “Review” or “Reject” the request. If the form is complete and correct select “Review.” After selecting “Review,” you will need to select to submit.
  • Following the proposal, the student will need to submit a copy of the prospectus (either in person or via email) and a memo from the committee chair stating the proposal was successful.