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Graduate School
The University of Mississippi

Graduate Program Coordinators Handbook

Section 5

The Graduate Council

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The Graduate Council comprises the Dean of the Graduate School, who serves as chairperson, one member from each of the Schools, three members from the College of Liberal Arts, one member of the Graduate Student Council, and the Dean of the University Libraries (non-voting). In the College of Liberal Arts, one member is elected from each of three areas: Area I (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Philosophy and Religions, and Physics and Astronomy); Area II (Art, Classics, English, Modern Languages, Music, and Theater Arts); and Area III (History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology and Anthropology). Only faculty members who have been appointed to full membership on the Graduate Faculty are eligible to serve on the Graduate Council or vote on Graduate Council membership. Ex Officio members of the Graduate Faculty are not eligible to serve on the Graduate Council. All members, except the representative of the Graduate Student Council, are elected for three-year terms.

The Graduate Council is charged with formulating policies that determine the direction of graduate education at the University (excluding the Medical Center). This includes the consideration of new graduate degree programs, formulation and refinement of Graduate School regulations, consideration of approval of graduate and Law courses, approval of recommendations for appointment to the Graduate Faculty, and decisions on petitions from graduate students, faculty members, department chairs, and deans for exceptions to degree requirements and regulations of the Graduate School. In addition, the Graduate Council renders advisory services in matters pertaining to the improvement and advancement of graduate education at the University.


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