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Graduate Program Coordinators Handbook

Section 4

The Graduate Faculty

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Admission to the Graduate Faculty is governed by the Graduate Faculty policy, which can be found at

Graduate Faculty Responsibilities:

Graduate Faculty status determines eligibility to teach graduate courses; direct theses and dissertations; serve as a member of a thesis, dissertation, or examining committee; and serve on Graduate Council if elected.

Graduate Faculty Status:

Appointment to the Graduate Faculty is automatic for Regular faculty. The Graduate Faculty policy (found at outlines the qualifications for the specific Graduate Faculty statuses, requirements for exceptions, and institutional policies that govern Unit-Specific Guidelines for appointment to Full Graduate Faculty status. Any exceptions must be approved by the Graduate Council. Applicants for exception must be nominated by their chairman and endorsed by their dean.

Acting, adjunct, research, instructional/clinical, visiting, and emeriti professors (Research and Support faculty) with appropriate terminal degrees and with appointments in academic departments having a graduate program may exercise the responsibilities of Associate Members. Instructional/clinical faculty members may be approved by their chair and dean to teach 500 and 600 level courses (Teaching Membership), but not approved to direct theses, co-direct dissertations, serve on student committees, or serve on the Graduate Council. Appointment to the Graduate Faculty is not automatic for Research and Support faculty. Such faculty must be recommended to the Graduate Dean by their chair and dean. An official transcript of a terminal degree and curriculum vitae must be included in the recommendation or previously submitted to the Office of Human Resources.

The director of a doctoral dissertation or essay must hold a doctoral degree.
An individual’s continuing status within the Graduate Faculty may be reviewed, revoked, or downgraded based on a review through academic channels involving the unit chair/director, line dean, and Graduate Dean.


Faculty members who are Associate Members of the Graduate Faculty and who wish to direct a doctoral dissertation may request approval to do so by the Graduate Council. This request is not required of those who wish to co-direct a dissertation. A separate application is required for each student. In making a request, the faculty member should provide the following information:

  1. A current curriculum vita.
    2. Name of each student and title of student’s proposed dissertation study and particular relevance to proposed Director’s research.
    3. Number of Master’s committees served on (a) in his/her home department and (b) in outside departments.
    4. Number of Ph.D. committees served on (a) in his/her home department and (b) in outside departments.
    5. Number of Ph.D. Committees co-chaired within home department; note any research relevance between the proposed request and those which were co-directed.
    6. Listing and rank of other committee members.
    7. Evidence of chair and school/college dean approval.
    8. Other information considered relevant to support this request.

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