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Graduate School
The University of Mississippi

In This Together!

The COVID-19 crisis and long-standing racism pandemic created a stressful and challenging summer. Unfortunately, we continue to feel their effects this semester. However, progress in vaccine development has led the University to make plans for fall to return to full in-person experiences.

As we continue through the spring and summer of 2021, we are committed to trying to create certainty where we can and to share information that we have available. Many other University of Mississippi websites contain information about safety protocols, the campus efforts to slow the spread of the virus, and consequences of non-compliance. On this site, we focus on information that may be particularly of use to graduate students. We recognize that graduate students have some unique requirements that present unique challenges. These pages contain resources and answers to common questions for graduate students.

In the Graduate School, we want to support you in completing your studies. We know the stress and fear continue, that many of our graduate students were not able to visit loved ones in person for nearly a year or more. Many continue fighting against the feelings of isolation caused by the requirement to physically distance. We will continue offering opportunities to continue connecting with others and support your professional development.

These pages are living documents that we will update as more information becomes available. We invite you to contact us at if you have questions not answered here. Most likely, you are not the only one who needs the information. We will work to try to find you assistance with challenges you face.


  • Follow us on social media and read messages sent from
  • Communicate regularly with your advisor (you will likely need to communicate more frequently than you would if the semester were operating under normal circumstances)
  • Let the Graduate School know if challenges come up so that we can direct you to resources if they are not already listed here
  • If you have a question, ask it.
  • Take advantage of the Keep Learning website
  • Be sure to nurture your need for social connection
  • Engage in self-care