Graduate School

The University of Mississippi

Pharmacy Graduate Students in Action

The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy ranks as one of the Top 25 Pharmacy programs in the country. Students experiment, collaborate, and research in new laboratories in state of the art facilities. Led by impressive faculty, students still have the opportunity to work hands-on with cutting edge technologies. Click through the photo slideshow to view Master’s and PhD Pharmaceutics, Master’s and PhD Biomolecular Sciences, and PhD Pharmacy Administration students hard at work.

Sheng Feng, MS Pharmaceutics
Purnendu K Sharma, Ph.D. Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
Venkata Raman Kallakunta, PhD Pharmaceutics
Vijay Lunar Shankar, PhD Pharmaceutics
Wesley Sparkmon, PhD Pharmacy Administration
Yu Sheng Li, PhD Pharmaceutics
Alex Xu, PhD Pharmaceutics
Minjia Wang, PhD Pharmaceutics
Neeraja Komanduri, PhD Pharmaceutics
Nicholas Akins, PhD BioMolecular Sciences - Medicinal Chemistry
Poorva Joshi, MS Pharmaceutics and Kanika Goel, MS Pharmaceutics
Pranav Ponkshe, PhD Pharmaceutics
Prasad Vinjamuri, PhD Pharmaceutics
Ruchi Thakkar, PhD Pharmaceutics
Rui Wang, MS Pharmaceutics
Sesilia Keban, PhD Pharmacy Administration
James Glendale, MS BioMolecular Sciences - Environmental Toxicology
Corinne Sweeney, PhD Pharmaceutics
Mashan Almutairi, PhD Pharmaceutics