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Meek School Will Offer New Master’s Degree in IMC this Fall

By Nathan Towery

Kathleen Wickham, professor of journalism, talks to students in her graduate class.
Photo by Thomas Graning/Ole Miss Digital Imaging Services

Just as integrated marketing communications is one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation, it is also one of the fastest-growing programs at the University of Mississippi. A new Master of Science in integrated marketing communications will be offered at UM starting this fall to help keep up with the demand.

Previously, IMC was an emphasis through the Master of Arts in journalism program. Now, the subject will be offered as its own degree program.

“The M.S. in IMC will be substantially similar to the current M.A. degree,” said Robert Magee, UM assistant professor of IMC and director of the new degree program. “However, it will now be a separate degree instead of being an option in the M.A. in journalism degree.”

A new online track will be available as well, so students can complete the degree from anywhere. The online program is an extension of the residential program.

“That means the degree is the same, and it incorporates the same course requirements,” Magee said. “The only thing that is different is the delivery mode and the schedule of courses.”

To meet the demands of a growing industry, the university needed to continue to develop and expand its IMC program.

“The decision really was made to help students and make this valuable program readily available to a greater number of qualified students,” Magee said. “It’s difficult, particularly for people in the middle of their career, to drop everything and move to Oxford for a couple of years.

“It is also especially difficult for people who live in other countries to have access to this degree,” Magee said. “Anyone anywhere in the world who meets the academic qualifications could earn this degree while remaining in their home country.”

The online option was also initiated so students could learn from top industry professionals.

“We also have the option to hire a highly qualified professional to teach an elective course without needing that person to travel to Oxford for the semester,” Magee said.

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