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Financial Aid Information

The Graduate School administers honors fellowships, dissertation fellowships, diversity fellowships and the Summer Graduate Research assistantships.

The largest source of funds for graduate support is from teaching, research and graduate assistantships offered by academic departments, along with partial tuition and nonresident waivers. For more information, contact your prospective department regarding the availability of such assistantships.

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Online programs are NOT eligible for fellowships, scholarships or assistantships at this time.

Graduate students can also apply for external grants, awards and fellowships. These funds can be obtained from national, state and local organizations, foundations and agencies. A few links are provided below.

The last option is obtaining a loan. To apply for federal loans, you must complete a FAFSA form online. If you have questions pertaining to loans and other forms of financial assistance not noted above, please contact the Financial Aid Office:

The University of Mississippi
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677-1848
Phone: 800-891-4596

Dissertation Fellowship Program

This non service award is designed to assist doctoral students who are in the final stages of the dissertation process. The intent is to provide financial assistance to relieve candidates of current service-type responsibilities (teaching, research and/or other related obligations to the university), thereby enabling them to focus on their research analysis and writing.

The amount of the award is $6,000 plus a tuition reduction. The time period is one semester. Full-time enrollment is required. Any student nominated must be in candidacy and must have a copy of his or her prospectus on file at the Graduate School. Students are nominated by their department chair who submits a letter of support. Online programs are NOT eligible at this time.


Diversity Fellowship Program

The Graduate School administers a fellowship program available to persons who are members of minority groups that are under-represented in graduate education programs.  The program has two components: (1) a stipend and (2) a tuition scholarship.

(1) The stipend is $1,000/semester for master’s students and $1,500/ semester for doctoral students for Fall or Spring Semester. To receive this stipend, a student must be admitted into a degree program, enrolled on the Oxford campus for at least 9 hours of graduate coursework each semester and must not have a full-time job. To be considered for the stipend, a student must be nominated by their department.

(2) The tuition scholarship is valued at 75 percent of regular graduate tuition and 44 percent of the non-resident fee.  The tuition scholarship is available to graduate students who are full-time or part-time and who are enrolled at the Oxford campus or at one of our off-campus centers.

Only applicable during Fall, Spring and Summer Sessions. Not applicable to any intersessions.

Online programs are NOT eligible at this time.


Honors Fellowships

The Graduate School awards non service fellowships to incoming students of exceptional academic accomplishment. Recipients of a graduate honors fellowship are also eligible to receive departmental assistantships or fellowships. Students must be nominated by their graduate programs to be considered for a fellowship. These awards are competitive, and not all students who meet the minimum criteria will receive fellowships.

Award Amount: $2,000-$3,000 per academic year ($1,000 per regular semester for master’s students and $1,500 per regular semester for doctoral students).

Qualifications: To be considered for an honors fellowship, candidates must be eligible for admission in full standing and meet the following criteria:

1.  Students must be enrolled full time and hold a departmental assistantship paying at least $2,250 per semester.

2.  Students must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.5
  • Master’s degree GPA of 3.75
  • Verbal GRE score of 158 or higher
  • Quantitative GRE score of 158 or higher and verbal score of 150 or higher
  • Analytical writing GRE score of 5.0 or higher
  • GMAT score of 600 or higher

3.  International students, who are required to demonstrate English language proficiency, must have a score on the TOEFL (ibt) of at least 95 or the equivalent score on another English language proficiency test. Online programs are NOT eligible at this time.


Summer Graduate Research Assistantship Program

The Summer Graduate Research Assistantship Program provides $3,000 for doctoral students and $2,500 for master’s students during the summer (minimum of 10 weeks of research). The goal is to provide funds to enable promising graduate students to remain on task and on campus in their pursuit of a degree. Students cannot obtain additional university employment during this period.

To be eligible, the student must be a full-time, full-standing student at any stage and in any discipline. Preference will be given to doctoral students who have completed their prospectus. A limited number of assistantships will also be reserved for master’s (thesis option) track students. Online programs are NOT eligible at this time.


Graduate Assistantships or Instructorships

Application for a graduate assistantship/instructorship should be made directly to the academic department in which the applicant will pursue a degree.

Graduate assistantships that require part-time teaching, laboratory assistance, research or other assistance are available in a number of fields and from grant and contracts. Certain academic departments offer graduate instructorships, which involves direct responsibility for teaching one or more courses.

Stipends for graduate assistantships/instructorships vary, depending on the level of the graduate student, the service to be rendered and the time commitment (typically ¼ or ½ time appointments are made). Academic excellence, maturity and teaching or research experience are the main qualifications considered in the appointment of assistants/instructors. In addition to the stipend, graduate assistants/instructors also receive a partial tuition scholarship (75 percent of regular graduate tuition** for ¼ time appointments and 100 percent of regular graduate tuition** for a ½ time appointment) and receive a full nonresident fee scholarship. Online programs are NOT eligible at this time.


Sumners Grant

A graduate student who is a resident of Attala, Carroll, Choctaw, Montgomery or Webster County in Mississippi may qualify for the Sumners Grant. The application and eligibility requirements can be found by clicking here. Online programs are NOT eligible at this time.


Tuition Scholarships and Nonresident Fee Scholarships

Graduate students who are enrolled full-time and who receive an assistantship are eligible for tuition scholarships according to the following schedule:

75% Tuition Scholarship 100% Tuition Scholarship
Work Load 10 hours of work per week (25% time) 20 hours of work per week (50% time)
Minimum Annual Stipend $2,500 per semester $5,000 per semester
Enrollment Max  (as current policy)  12 hrs 12 hrs*

*Current policy allows 12 credit hours if 3 hours are in thesis or dissertation.

**MBA students need to confer with your program regarding fee differential.

Both the 75% and 100% scholarships include a non-resident fee waiver.  Online programs are NOT eligible at this time.


The UM Institutional SREB Doctoral Fellowship Program

The Graduate School and Academic Departments at the University of Mississippi (UM) sponsor up to six “Institutional SREB Fellowships” per academic year for doctoral students (scholars). The Southern Regional Education Educational Board (SREB) administers this fellowship opportunity through its Doctoral Scholars Program (

Departments providing assistantships may nominate scholars to receive this award. If selected the scholar will be eligible for three (3) years of support under this program. Online programs are NOT eligible at this time.

For more information, see below:

Download (PDF, 386KB)

To nominate a graduate student for the Doctoral Scholars Program, see below:

Download (PDF, 593KB)

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