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The GradSHARK Launch PAAD (Program for Accelerated Advanced Degrees) offers our outstanding advanced undergraduates the opportunity to begin earning credit towards a graduate degree while they complete the final requirements for their undergraduate degree. Participating in the GradSHARK Launch PAAD can save students time and money as they complete their advanced degree.

The following is an alphabetical list of participating programs along with the requirements for participating in their specific PAAD opportunity. Interested undergraduates should contact the Graduate Program Coordinator to discuss the process of participating in the specific GradSHARK Launch PAAD opportunity.

Participating Programs

Graduate Program Coordinator

Biological Science, MSDr. Jason Hoeksema
Civil Engineering, MSDr. Jacob Najjar
Computer and Information Science, MSDr. Byunghyun Jang
Criminal Justice, MCJDr. Kimberly Kaiser
Early Childhood Education, MEdDr. Kenya Wolff
Electrical Engineering, MSDr. Lei Cao
Environmental Engineering, MSDr. Jacob Najjar
Exercise Science, MSDr. Matthew Jesse
Food and Nutrition Services, MSDr. Georgianna Mann
History, MA Dr. Chiarella Esposito
Hospitality Management, MSDr. Georgianna Mann
Journalism, MADr. Marquita Smith
Materials Science and Engineering, MSDr. Samrat Choudhury
Mechanical Engineering, MSDr. Taiho Yeom
Philosophy, MADr. Donovan Wishon
Political Science, MADr. Jonathan Winburn
Public Health, MPHDr. Allison Ford-Wade
Southern Studies, MA
Dr. Simone Delerme
Secondary Education, MEd

Math Emphasis
Dr. Tom Brady
Special Education, MEdDr. Diane Lowry
Sport & Recreation Management, MSDr. Brennan Berg
Beginning Fall, 2022, students must download and complete the participating program’s specific enrollment form each term. The form must be completed prior to the start of the term. The form requires approval from the Undergraduate Advisor and Graduate Program Coordinator (the Graduate Program Coordinator can be found next to the specific degree program listed above). By signing the form to approve the enrollment for the semester, the Graduate Program Coordinator is agreeing that the student has been admitted to their PAAD opportunity.

After the Graduate School receives the first approved program-specific enrollment form, the student will be identified as enrolled in the GradSHARK Launch PAAD for that degree. Each subsequent term for which the student wishes to earn credit towards the graduate degree while still completing their undergraduate studies, they must submit a registration form prior to the start of the semester. Failure to submit the required form on time will mean that the student does not earn graduate credit.

To access the required form, please visit the specific page for the participating degree program of interest. The form must be submitted to the Graduate School by the Graduate Program Coordinator. Until the Graduate School receives the required form, the student is not officially registered for graduate coursework for that term.



Frequently Asked Questions

What if I start earning credit with the GradSHARK Launch PAAD and decide I do not want to take all of the graduate courses?

You can decide to discontinue your participation in the GradSHARK Launch PAAD program at any time. If you decide not to attend graduate school, the courses will still show up on your transcript with a special designation marking which courses you completed for graduate credit. It is important to note that many graduate schools have limits on the number and type of graduate credit hours that can be transferred in for credit.

How do I know how participating in the GradSHARK Launch PAAD will affect my plans to graduate on time?

It is important to talk with your Undergraduate Advisor and map out your plans (talk to them about your current degree plan and how these courses would fit into that plan). Before you can take courses as part of the GradSHARK Launch PAAD, you will need to have permission from your Undergraduate Advisor and be accepted into the Launch PAAD by obtaining approval from the Graduate Program Coordinator for chosen area of study.

How do I get into the GradSHARK Launch PAAD?

Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA and must complete 90 undergraduate credit hours before they can be part of the GradSHARK Launch PAAD. Some disciplines have additional criteria for participating in their Launch PAAD (click on the link for the program that interests you above). Each area of graduate study has its own Graduate Program Coordinator. These individuals, along with the faculty, oversee the process of allowing undergraduates to participate in their Launch PAAD and must approve the form you will use to pick your courses. Until the Graduate School has that form, approved by your Undergraduate Advisor and the Graduate Program Coordinator, you will not be able to enroll in courses for graduate credit as part of the GradSHARK Launch PAAD.

How does tuition and financial aid work for the GradSHARK Launch PAAD when I am still an undergraduate student?

Undergraduate students will pay undergraduate tuition rates for courses they take as part of the GradSHARK Launch PAAD. In many cases, your scholarships may apply towards courses taken for graduate credit while you complete your undergraduate degree. However, it is important to understand that some Launch PAAD courses may not count towards the minimum requirements for financial aid. We strongly encourage students to contact the Office of Financial Aid to learn more.

What do I do to become an official graduate student?

UM undergraduates who participate in the GradSHARK Launch PAAD will still apply to the graduate program during their senior year of study following the application procedures of the program. Students should contact the Graduate Program Coordinator for more details about the application process. Participation in a Launch PAAD does not guarantee admission to the Graduate School or any graduate program. Programs are working to be sure that students who are successful in a Launch PAAD would be competitive as graduate program applicants.

How does tuition and financial aid work for GradSHARK Launch PAAD students once they earn their bachelor’s degree?

Once an undergraduate student at UM completes their bachelor’s degree and they are accepted into a graduate program, they become a graduate student. Students then pay tuition at the graduate student rate and are eligible for support offered to graduate students in their program. Please see our information about financial aid.