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Graduate School
The University of Mississippi

 GMAS Application

Application for the Graduate Minor in Applied Statistics

  • 1. Only students currently enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Mississippi may apply for the Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor Program in Applied Statistics. 2. Students may apply for admission to the graduate minor program after completion of an introductory course (acceptable introductory courses may include EDRS601, SOC501, ANTH572, BISC504, POL551, PSY703, CJ655, HP626, NHM626, or similar course approved by program coordinator). Any 500-level course used as part of the certificate must have been taken for graduate credit. 3. Students must apply for admission to the certificate program before completion of one-half of the courses that will potentially count toward the graduate minor requirements. 4. Students must take an intermediate course and three additional intermediate/advanced courses in residence. The three additional intermediate/advanced courses must be beyond any applied statistics courses required in the student’s home degree program and must be approved by the program coordinator. 5. Students cannot use thesis or dissertation hours to fulfill the course requirements. 6. Students must earn at least a “B” in every course counted toward the graduate minor. 7. The time limit for completing the graduate minor is four years after admission to the program.