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at the University of Mississippi

Picture of mentoring; Image: UK GCS Mentoring Programme

Image: UK GCS Mentoring Programme

Effective mentoring is too important simply to be left to chance.

Free Online Courses on Effective Mentoring Provided by the University of Minnesota

Want to know more about effective mentoring? Check out the online mentoring courses created and hosted by the University of Minnesota at
• “Optimizing the Practice of Mentoring 101: For Research Mentors of Graduate Students,
Fellows, and Early-Career Faculty”
• “Optimizing the Practice of Mentoring 102: For Research Mentors of Undergraduate Students”
• “Enhancing Motivation Using the CARES Mentoring Model”.

Register as an “External user” and Select Section 001 “Any User”. Each course is self-paced and will require less than two hours of time for most to complete. Participants who complete a course may save the completion certificate to be included in their annual review or report. Completed course certificates can also be used as evidence of the value you place on effective mentoring, to be placed on your webpage, on LinkedIn, in your CV, or in grant applications.

We built upon the content of the online U Minnesota courses during our University of Mississippi Mentoring Workshops held in Spring 2022.

We offered two workshops (each available in two instances) in Spring 2022 to start a longer term conversation on effective mentoring at our university. These workshops were designed to be of interest to current and future faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students.

Prior Workshop 1: A Panel Discussion on Mentoring Experiences

DATE March 21, 2022 Registration Link & March 22, 2022 Registration Link
Student Union 124

What are effective mentoring practices? How do we support effective mentors, and how do we share their knowledge and experiences? This panel will address their experiences with mentoring at the University of Mississippi.
• Dr. Cristiane Surbeck, Chair and Professor of Civil Engineering
• Dr. Leigh Anne Duck, Associate Professor of English
• Dr. John Bentley, Professor of Pharmacy Administration
• Dr. Norris “EJ” Edney III, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion
• Kritika Gupta, Ph.D. Student in Nutrition and Hospitality Management
• Dr. Annette Kluck, Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Leadership & Counselor Education, Moderator

Workshop 2: Case Studies and Vignettes of Mentoring Challenges

Each workshop ran from 12 noon to 12:50 pm. Each workshop was repeated so we recommended attendance at one of each.

DATE March 28, 2022 & March 29, 2022; Student Union 321

By examining realistic scenarios, difficulties in mentoring and steps needed for effective mentoring can be addressed. In this session, hosts will present three mentoring vignettes. Participants worked in groups to discuss responses to the mentoring challenges and identify best practices.

Dr. Norris “EJ” Edney III, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion, Moderator.

The vignettes are available here for download.

These workshops were designed to be of particular interest to current and future faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students. Each workshop was repeated—so we suggested that participants attend one of each—and takeaway lunches were available for those who RSVP’d.

Sponsored by The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, The Graduate School, the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.