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  The UM Graduate School Ambassadors

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The University of Mississippi Graduate School Ambassador Program is composed of current graduate students from various disciplines who have successfully applied and interviewed for one of these prestigious positions.   Ambassadors represent the graduate school at on-campus events, as well as some off-campus events.


UMGSA Events

Below we will place Youtube recordings of the ambassador webinar series that took place in Spring 2021. Instead of having to view the entire hour long session, we are editing the videos into the subtopics discussed within the webinar. These will be updated throughout the summer of 2021.

UMGSA Social Platforms

Facebook: UM Graduate School Ambassadors Instagram: UMGradAmbassadors YouTube: UM Graduate School Ambassadors
Instagram – Takeover Tuesday – Ambassadors share a day in their lives
– Why Wednesday – Current graduate students tell why they chose UM
– Feature Friday – Highlight resources for students provided by the Graduate School
– All upcoming ambassador events

Click to Submit Questions

Facebook – Impromptu Lives – Answer questions submitted via digital question box
– All upcoming ambassador events
YouTube – Webinar Recordings – Will be posted during the summer months
– Facebook Impromptu Recordings


Meet our Former UM Graduate School Ambassadors


Interested in becoming an ambassador?
Applications are announced yearly via email to current graduate students.