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Greetings from the

University of Mississippi Postdoctoral Association (MSPDA)

MSPDA Postdoc Appreciation Lunch

Wednesday, September 21, 1:30-3:30 pm in TCRC 1044 (Thad Cochran Research Center). The program comprises a get-together and interaction of postdocs from across campus to discuss issues faced by the postdoctoral community, followed by lunch from Newk’s.

MSPDA Current Officers (2022-2023):

Symposium on

Bridging Entrepreneurship and Academic Research

Interested students (graduate, undergraduate, and summer interns), postdoctoral fellows and researchers at the University of Mississippi attended a symposium on “Bridging Entrepreneurship and Academic Research” organized by MSPDA on Tuesday, June 14th, 2022, 3:00-5:00 PM at the Thad Cochran Research Center TCRC 1000.

Details announcing the MSPDA Entrepreneurship/Research Symposium, 3-5 PM, 6/14/2022, TCRC 1000

3:00-3:05 PM “Translation of Academic Research” by Dr. Julia Shamshina, Research Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University

3:05-3:45 PM “Translation of Academic Research” by Dr. Julia Shamshina, Research Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University 

3:45-4:00 PM Q & A session

4:00-4:40 PM “Entrepreneur Strategies for Start-ups” by Arvinder Singh, University of Mississippi, Serial Entrepreneur

4:40-5:00 PM Q & A session and Vote of Thanks

About the Speakers

Dr. Julia Shamshina (Speaker 1)

Picture of Julia Shamshina

Julia Shamshina

 Dr. Shamshina is a Research Assistant Professor at the Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute (FBRI) at Texas Tech University. She has been involved in several industrial projects such as development and commercialization of advanced technologies for the aerospace and defense markets. She was a recipient of a NASA Tech Brief Award for her work on replacement of hydrazine fuel with energetic ionic liquids (2011). She has worked in the start-up company 525 Solutions, Inc., as the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and developed technological solutions based on ionic liquids applicable in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and materials field. She has served as an Academic Associate in Green Chemistry at McGill University, Department of Chemistry, Canada, where she was responsible for projects related to the design and development of new products from renewable polymers.
Please visit her personal website for more details.

Mr. Arvinder Kang (Speaker 2)

Picture of Arvinder Singh

Arvinder Singh

Mr. Kang is a technology entrepreneur with a decade of global experience assembling and mentoring teams and building products from ideation to enterprise offering stage. With a diverse background in technology, management, product design, higher education, media, and advocacy, he offers a unique mix of experiences and proven innovator mindset required for innovation in both startup and enterprise settings.


MSPDA Prior Officers (2021-2022):

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  • Vice President- Dr. John Adams Sabestian (
  • Treasurer- Dr. Krishna Chaturvedi (
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  • Social Event Coordinator- Dr. Gagandeep Singh (

MSPDA Founding Faculty Advisors:

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