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Graduate School
The University of Mississippi

SREB Doctoral and Dissertation Scholars Programs

The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Doctoral Scholars Program is a program intended to change the racial landscape of college faculty. It’s goal is to increase the number of minority Ph.D students that seek a career as faculty on college campuses and universities.  SREB Doctoral Scholars receive benefits including financial support, career counseling, networking, research funds, and more. The SREB Dissertation Scholars Programs provides such opportunities to students who had not previously participated in the SREB Doctoral Scholars Program during the final year of their degree, while they complete their dissertation.

In 2018, five UM graduate students were selected for the SREB Doctoral Scholars Program. Click on the following link to read more.

In this 2020 Winter newsletter, four UM graduate students were selected as SREB Doctoral Scholars. Click on the link to read more about their future goals and how they plan to make a difference in academia.

The nomination deadline for fall of any given year is March 30th of the previous spring. Details about the UM Institutional SREB Doctoral Scholars and Dissertation Scholars Programs can be found on the Financial Aid website,

To visit the Southern Regional Education Board’s website, go to