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Graduate School
The University of Mississippi

GradSHARK Launch PAAD – Computer and Information Science, MS

Undergraduate students interested in graduate study in Computer and Information Science can get a head start in earning a graduate degree through the GradSHARK Launch PAAD for Computer and Information Science.

Requirements to qualify:

  • Be a BSCS or BACS major
  • 3.25 minimum GPA
  • 90 completed credit hours as an undergraduate

Number of credit hours a student can earn towards the graduate degree while completing their undergraduate studies:

12 credit hours (no more than 6 hours per term)

Courses* undergraduate students in the Launch PAAD can take to earn credit towards the graduate degree:

  • CSCI 517 Natural Language Processing
  • CSCI 520 Formal Theory of Computer Languages
  • CSCI 521 Computer Systems Engineering
  • CSCI 523 Operating Systems
  • CSCI 524 Distributed Operating System Design
  • CSCI 525 Compiler Construction
  • CSCI 526 Parallel Computing
  • CSCI 530 Computer Architecture and Design
  • CSCI 531 Artificial Intelligence
  • CSCI 533 Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSCI 541 Expert Systems and Logic Programming
  • CSCI 547 Digital Image Processing
  • CSCI 550 Program Semantics and Derivation
  • CSCI 551 Computer System Performance Analysis
  • CSCI 554 Web Architecture and Programming
  • CSCI 555 Functional Programming
  • CSCI 556 Multiparadigm Programming
  • CSCI 561 Computer Networks
  • CSCI 562 Software Engineering I
  • CSCI 575 Database Systems
  • CSCI 581 Special Topics in Computer Science I
  • CSCI 582 Special Topics in Computer Science II
  • CSCI 595 Graduate Computer Science Internship
  • CSCI 632 Machine Learning
  • CSCI 658 Software Language Engineering
  • CSCI 663 Software Families
  • ENGR 596 Special Projects I
  • ENGR 618 Coding for Error Code
  • ENGR 652 Advanced Compiler Design
  • ENGR 653 Computer Structures
  • ENGR 654 Information Systems Principles
  • ENGR 656 Operating Systems Design Concepts
  • ENGR 657 Timesharing Computer Systems
  • ENGR 659 Advanced Information Retrieval
  • ENGR 660 Software Engineering II
  • ENGR 661 Computer Networks II
  • ENGR 662 Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • ENGR 664 Theory of Concurrent Programming
  • ENGR 666 Fault Tolerant Computing
  • ENGR 695 Seminar

*Consult the Graduate Program Coordinator of Computer and Information Science for a complete course list. Students who fail to reserve 500-level courses for graduate credit at the time they take the course will not receive graduate credit for the course (graduate level work must be completed to earn graduate credit). Reserving graduate credit with 500-level courses is required to ensure the Graduate School and instructor know the student must complete graduate credit requirements for the course. Students cannot later claim graduate credit for 500-level courses if they did not take the appropriate steps to notify the Graduate School prior to taking the course.

To Enroll:

Students must be accepted into the Launch PAAD and complete the requisite GradSHARK Launch PAAD Course Enrollment Form for this degree. The form must be received by the Graduate School (the form requires approval from your Undergraduate Advisor and the Graduate Program Coordinator for Computer and Information Science). During each subsequent term, the student must submit a new enrollment form for this program if they wish to take courses that can count towards a graduate degree (students will not officially be registered for graduate courses until this form is complete).

For more information about participation in the GradSHARK Launch PAAD, guidelines, financial aid and available areas of study, please see the GradSHARK Launch PAAD homepage.