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Graduate School
The University of Mississippi

Admissions during COVID

Note well that this is a historical page referring to Spring and Fall 2022 admissions.

The Graduate School at the University of Mississippi recognizes that COVID-19 affects our prospective students and applicants just as it affects our current students. We know that many applicants planned to take a test required as part of admissions to one of our programs and are not going to be able to do so. We have allowed programs to waive the requirements for standardized tests should they wish to do so. This waiver only applies for admission for the 2022 spring and fall terms. Information about the University of Mississippi Graduate School’s support for students during COVID-19 can be found on our In This Together website.

Please check back regularly as additional programs may elect to waive the standardized test requirement(s) for admission.

Below is a list of programs that are participating as well as the specific tests they are waiving (in some cases, programs may waive the requirement for one test and not another).



Waived Test Requirements(s) for Applications for Spring 2022 Admissions

Waived Test Requirements(s) for Applications for Fall 2022 Admissions

Anthropology, MAN/AGRE
Education, Early Childhood, MEd, EdD
& PhD
GRE/Praxis II Content Field/Praxis II PLTGRE/Praxis II Content Field/Praxis II PLT
Education, Ed Leadership, EdD & PhDGREGRE
Education, Elementary Ed & EdDGRE/Praxis II Content Field/Praxis II PLTGRE/Praxis II Content Field/Praxis II PLT
Education, Secondary Ed & PhDGRE/Praxis II Content Field/Praxis II PLTGRE/Praxis II Content Field/Praxis II PLT
Education, Special Ed & PhDGRE/Praxis II Content Field/Praxis II PLTGRE/Praxis II Content Field/Praxis II PLT
Engineering, Chemical, MS & PhDGREGRE
Engineering, Civil, MS & PhDGREGRE
Engineering, Computational Hydroscience, MS & PhDGRE
Engineering, Electrical, MS & PhD GREGRE
Engineering, Environmental, MS & PhD GREGRE
Engineering, Geology and Geological Engineering, MS & PhDGREGRE
Engineering, Hydrology, MS & PhDGRE
Engineering, Mechanical, MS & PhDGRE
English, MA, & PhDN/AGRE
Exercise Science, MSGREGRE
Health and Kinesiology, PhDGREGRE
Hospitality Management - Online OnlyGREGRE
Integrated Marketing Communication, MSN/AGRE
Journalism, MAN/AGRE
Modern Languages, French, MAGREGRE
Modern Languages, German, MAGREGRE
Modern Languages, Spanish, MAGREGRE
Modern Languages, TESOL, MAGREGRE
Modern Languages, Linguistics, MAGREGRE
Modern Languages, Second Language Studies – Applied Linguistics, PhDGREGRE
Modern Languages, Second Language Studies – Spanish, PhDGREGRE
Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, MSGREGRE
Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics, MS & PhDGREGRE
Philosophy, MA GREGRE
Physics, MA, MS & PhDGREWill be required for Fall 2022.
Psychology – Experimental, PhDN/AGRE
Public Health, MPHGREGRE
Social Welfare, PhDN/AGRE
Sociology, MAGREGRE
Sports Analytics, MS - online onlyGREGRE
Sport and Recreation Administration, MSGREGRE


Language proficiency assessment for international scholars

To satisfy the English proficiency requirement, the Graduate School accepts a wide variety of English tests, including TOEFL and IELTS, and is currently also accepting the Duolingo English Test (DET) on a case-by-case basis for applicants who have been impacted by test center closures. Please see for additional details about language proficiency requirements and exemptions.


Holistic Application Review

The University of Mississippi Graduate School encourages programs to review applications holistically and to take seriously the challenges that applicants have faced and are facing during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), with ~500 member colleges and universities—including The University of Mississippi—has issued a statement recommending “holistic review as a good admissions practice that benefits programs, institutions, and students under any circumstances”.